Fonoa Onboarding

Fonoa Reporting allows you to report sales transactions to tax authorities in real-time.

A range of countries around the world require sales transactions to be reported electronically to the local tax authorities either instantly or shortly after they take place, prior to issuing the relevant invoice / receipt / credit note.
Fonoa’s Reporting product facilitates this process for all supported countries through single API integration, happening in 3 main steps:


Before Fonoa is able to report transactions on your behalf to relevant tax authorities, you must provide accurate information about the supplier in the transaction (or multiple suppliers in the case of a marketplace), as well as data on the customer in case of B2B transactions, and sometimes for certain B2C transactions (depending on the country).
This process of adding suppliers and customers to Fonoa is done through our Onboarding endpoints.

After the transaction participants have been onboarded, you can report your transactions to the tax authorities through the Reporting endpoint.

Finally, locally compliant invoices / credit notes / receipts can be issued through the Invoicing endpoint.


Reporting input requirements might vary from country to country

Please note that the public documentation reflects a generic Reporting use case using the example of Hungary. Input requirements might differ slightly from country to country.