The Fonoa API can automatically determine the tax treatment for transactions across the globe. For cross-border sales, it can tell you in which countries the supplier (seller) exceeds local registration thresholds based on its revenue amounts. Exceeding the threshold would mean that the supplier needs to register for VAT/GST, etc. locally, and charge local indirect taxes on relevant transactions.

This endpoint allows you to set or update the revenue levels for you as a Fonoa client or for the suppliers that are transacting through your platform / marketplace in case you are determining the tax on their behalf. Fonoa is going to store the revenue value and use it during tax determination when applicable. Note that you can record revenue for multiple suppliers across different countries in the same request by using the respective external_supplier_reference field. There can be a maximum of 100 items in a single request.

For the most accurate tax calculation, we track the revenue amount per country for each supplier (incrementing it on every processed transaction via commit function) so we’re able to accurately assign the right tax treatment for any transaction. The revenue value that is currently stored for a supplier can be obtained through this endpoint as well ("tracked_amount" field).


Examples of the request and response

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