About Fonoa Tax

Fonoa Tax

Fonoa Tax allows you to automatically determine the tax treatment of both domestic and cross-border transactions across 100+ countries globally. As buyers and sellers are often located in different regions or countries, sales transactions can be subject to different laws and tax rules, which makes it difficult to determine what indirect taxes and rates you should apply to transactions.

Determining the correct tax rate depends on certain variables:

  • The subject of the transaction—depending on the type of eservice.
  • The parties ’taxable status’ —business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-customer (B2C).
  • The location of the supplier and the customer.
  • Whether the transaction was made via marketplace.
  • Any breach of tax registration threshold in countries where the buyer is.
  • Tax regulations in the supplier’s and customer’s countries.

The Fonoa Tax engine automatically determines the correct tax treatment for sales transactions anywhere in the world. After you provide minimal transaction data input, the tax engine will determine if the transaction is taxable, what tax rate applies, and the amount of tax that you need to charge for that transaction.