What API version to use

We have recently completed a significant technical upgrade to Lookup to improve the clarity of information returned when running tax ID (TIN) validations, and we want to offer you the choice of whether or not to update to the latest version (V2) or keep using the old version (V1). However, we advise that you use API V2 going forward, as we have made significant improvements to data clarity.

Found Tax ID in database and tax registered

Version 1 express both conditions in a single field so it was not possible to surface when one is true and the other one is false. As such, version 1 had the following behaviour:

  • tin_exists_online: Whether the TIN was found in the given tax authority database and whether is currently registered for VAT/GST purposes.

While in version 2 there we use separate fields to give you more granular information:

  • found_in_official_database: Whether a TIN has been found in a tax authority database

  • tax_registered: Whether the entity the given TIN belongs to is registered for VAT/GST purposes


  • More comprehensive field names
  • Removed unused functionality: cache
  • Simplifying fuzzy matching input/output
  • Adding country-specific fields
  • Introducing human-readable errors
  • Use enums instead of boolean fields

V1 will continue to be supported and there is no obligation to upgrade. If you want to move over from V1 to V2 you are free to do it anytime at no extra cost. In case you need help in that regard, please reach out to [email protected].