Request a batch validation

This endpoint allows you to request a batch of TINs to be validated. In order to do so, our system needs a country where relevant TINs are registered (ISO code) and the TIN data. You can have multiple countries in the request, for eg. 50 Hungarian TINs and 120 Mexican TINs.

Depending on the country you select, you might need to provide further information in order to verify the Tax Identification Number.

Currently, only Turkey requires such additional piece of information you will need to specify the Province, and the relevant Tax Office. See attached request examples below, the request composes parameters for Istanbul (034) province and BÜYÜK MÜK. VD. B VERGİ DAİRESİ (034230) tax office, the values were taken from the section below.

Find the province in Turkey and the corresponding value:

Find the tax office in Turkey and the corresponding value:


Removing duplicates

We will automatically remove duplicates from your batch validation request.

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