Adjust a transaction

⚠️ The following are for reference only. The behaviour may be different per country. For example, some countries only use cancellations, while others use a combination of cancellations and credit notes. Please refer to the country-specific documentation.

Here you can find up to date API documentation about this operation.

Clients can request a transaction adjustment (also known as a partial credit note) for the previously submitted transaction.

Unlike credit operations, the client has to send the entire transaction payload but may amend parts of it.

To adjust a transaction, send the following HTTP request

POST with the following JSON body:


  "reference_transaction_id": "MY_ORIGINAL_TRANSACTION_ID",
  "country_code": "IE",
  "language_code": "EN",
  "currency_code": "HRK",
  "transaction_date": "2022-08-22T15:51:25Z",
  "transaction_number": "IE00000001",
  "transaction_id": "ADJUSTMENT_0001",
  "items": [
      "number": 1,
      "name": "Chocolate cookies",
      "quantity": 3.0,
      "unit": "pcs",
      "unit_price": -7570,
      "type": "GOODS",
      "description": "Chocolate cookies taste better with milk",
      "tax_breakdowns": [
          "rate": 25.0,
          "regime": "VAT"
  "supplier": {
    "id": "24515b89716211ed814386927eacbf41"
  "customer": {
    "legal_name": "John Fitzgerald Kennedy",
    "trade_name": "John F Kennedy",
    "entity_number": "011589551",
    "address": {
      "country_code": "IE",
      "city": "Dublin",
      "postal_code": "10000Z",
      "province": "Quebec",
      "region": "West",
      "state": "Minnesota",
      "district": "District of Light",
      "canton": "Ticino",
      "city_code": "222",
      "neighbourhood": "Green Garden",
      "address_line_1": "752 A, Silky roads, Split",
      "address_line_2": "801, Big Bells, Goodville",
      "number": "120A",
      "prefix": "Alley",
      "suffix": "Avenue"
    "tax_information": {
      "tax_number": "69061864-2-99",
      "regime": "VAT"
    "type": "INDIVIDUAL"
  "note": "We are taking the cookies back!",
  "payments": [
      "type": "CREDIT",
      "code": "PUE",
      "amount": -28388