Credit a transaction

⚠️ The following is for reference only. The behavior may be different per country. For example, some countries only use cancellations, while others use a combination of cancellations and credit notes. Please refer to the country-specific documentation.

Here you can find up-to-date API documentation about this operation.

Clients can request a credit note for a previously submitted transaction. The transaction credit is reported to the tax authorities if applicable and a credit note document referencing the original invoice is generated if PDF generation is enabled.

To credit an entire transaction, send the following HTTP request

POST with the following JSON body:


  "country_code": "IE",
  "transaction_date": "2022-12-23T12:44:55Z",
  "transaction_id": "MY_CREDIT_NOTE_TRANSACTION_ID",
  "reference_transaction_id": "MY_ORIGINAL_TRANSACTION_ID",
  "note": "This is my call to action for <b>credited</b> txn."

The original transaction is referenced by transaction_id provided by the client at the time of submission.

The rest of the flow is the same.