Get result of validation

This endpoint provides Tax Identification Number validation results. To access it you need to use an ID returned from the “Request a validation” endpoint. It consists of a validation results and status which can hold 3 states:

  • "completed" - validation for that request finished.
  • "running" - validation process for that request is still in progress, you should check its results again.
  • "canceled" - validation process for that request has been canceled by user when validation is part of canceled batch validation.

Request example

curl --request GET \
  --url \
  --header 'Accept: application/json' \
  --header 'Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key: 8b144782eec54b159917c8c4a367d694'


We recommend using a 1000 ms delay between two identical GET requests.

To see a list of possible HTTP status codes, please click here.

Response example (200 OK)

      "country_iso": "ee"
      "company_name":"Telia Eesti AS"


Examples of the request and response

Examples of the request in more programming languages are available in the console pane on the right-hand side. After clicking on the 'Try it' button, you will get a response.

EU TIN Validation

If you are validating an EU TIN, Fonoa will first perform the validation through VIES (TIN database at an EU level), and then, in case the TIN is not available in VIES database, we will automatically go one level deeper and check the TIN via the local government database.

For eg., for an Italian TIN, we’d first check if it exists in VIES, and would then immediately check if it exists in the Italian government database in case it is not active on VIES.

It is not uncommon to have companies who are not registered on VIES but have a valid Tax number in their local government database, which is why we stress this point so much.

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